We strongly believe in a Maintenance Culture which is the bedrock of our operation over a decade now. This policy ensures that all equipment will work optimally beyond their lifespan.

No equipment, no matter the quality will give a good return on the money invested on it without a very good after sales services. So it is our standard policy to take up a Service Level Agreement (SLA) at the expiration of our normal warranty period.

Therefore, our Maintenance Crew are one of the best trained, updated document and cash handling equipment service and maintenance team in Nigeria. They are equally the most travelled having trans versed every local government in this country delivering and servicing our numerous customers 24/7 year in and out.

Our Workshop insures the quickest call-response time during holidays and breakdowns.
We have the largest stock of Ribbons and other Spare parts.

  • Customer Support95%
  • Passion100%
  • Integrity100%
  • Teamwork85%
  • Quality97%